Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Iklan Jawatan Kosong di USM - 25 Disember 2010

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Iklan Disember 2010 (Kampus Kejuruteraan) (Dibuka dari 26/12/2010 sehingga 9/1/2011)
Jawatan Jabatan Bidang Jenis
1/1. Juruteknik J17
Elektrik & Elektronik Tetap
2/2. Juruteknik J17
Aeroangkasa/Mekanik Tetap
3/3. Pegawai Pergigian U41

4/4. Pegawai Perubatan UD41

5/5. Pembantu Pembedahan Pergigian U17

Iklan Disember 2010 (Kampus Induk, Pulau Pinang) (Dibuka dari 26/12/2010 sehingga 9/1/2011)
Jawatan Jabatan Bidang Jenis
1/6. Ahli Fotografi B17

2/7. Jururawat Pergigian U29

3/8. Juruteknologi Makmal Perubatan U29

4/9. Pegawai Farmasi U41

5/10. Pegawai Kewangan W41

6/11. Pegawai Penyelidik Q41/Q43/Q47/Q51/Q53
Kejuruteraan Kimia/ Kimia Tetap
7/12. Pegawai Penyelidik Q41/Q43/Q47/Q51/Q53
Fisiologi/ Farmakologi/ Social Adminstrative Pharmacy Tetap
8/13. Pegawai Pergigian U41

9/14. Pegawai Perubatan UD43

10/15. Pembantu Laut A17

11/16. Pembantu Pembedahan Pergigian U17

12/17. Pembantu Tadbir (Pekeranian/Operasi) N17

13/18. Penolong Akauntan W27

14/19. Penolong Pegawai Belia Dan Sukan S27

15/20. Penolong Pegawai Penerbitan N27

16/21. Penolong Pegawai Penerbitan N27
Berpengalaman dalam bidang penerbitan atau berpengalaman sebagai wartaw... Tetap
17/22. Penolong Pegawai Sains C27

Iklan Disember 2010 (Kampus Kesihatan/HUSM, Kelantan) (Dibuka dari 26/12/2010 sehingga 9/1/2011)
Jawatan Jabatan Bidang Jenis
1/23. Juru X-ray U29
Diagnostik/Terbuka Tetap
2/24. Jurupulih Perubatan U29
Cara Kerja Tetap
3/25. Jururawat Pergigian U29

4/26. Juruteknik Komputer FT17

5/27. Juruteknologi Pergigian U29

6/28. Pegawai Kewangan W41

7/29. Pegawai Penyelidik Q41/Q43/Q47/Q51/Q53

8/30. Pegawai Pergigian U41

9/31. Pegawai Perubatan UD43

10/32. Pegawai Teknologi Maklumat F41

11/33. Pegawai Veterinar G41

12/34. Pekerja Awam Khas R3

13/35. Pembantu Kesihatan Awam U17

14/36. Pembantu Pembedahan Pergigian U17

15/37. Pembantu Setiausaha Pejabat/Setiausaha Pejabat N27

16/38. Pembantu Tadbir (Pekeranian/Operasi) N17

17/39. Penolong Pegawai Teknologi Maklumat F29

18/40. Penolong Pengurus Asrama N27

Iklan Disember 2010 (Institut Perubatan & Pergigian Termaju) P Pinang (Dibuka dari 26/12/2010 sehingga 9/1/2011)
Jawatan Jabatan Bidang Jenis
1/41. Pegawai Pergigian U41

2/42. Pegawai Perubatan UD43
Perubatan Intergratif/ Hematologi/ Perubatan Transfusi/ Pakar Bius/ Pak... Tetap
3/43. Pegawai Perubatan UD47/UD48
Perubatan Intergratif/ Hematologi/ Perubatan Transfusi/ Pakar Bius/ Pak... Tetap
4/44. Pegawai Perubatan UD51/UD52
Perubatan Intergratif/ Hematologi/ Perubatan Transfusi/ Pakar Bius/ Pak... Tetap
5/45. Pegawai Perubatan UD53/UD54
Perubatan Intergratif/ Hematologi/ Perubatan Transfusi/ Pakar Bius/ Pak... Tetap
6/46. Pegawai Veterinar G41

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

120 USM posts vacant by year end?

By the end of this year a total of 110 USM staff will retire from their service in the university.

77 of them are from Kampus Induk (Main Campus, Penang)

10 are from Kampus Kejuruteraan (Engineering Campus, Nibong Tebal, Penang)

23 are from Kampus Kesihatan (Health Campus, Kubang Kerian, Kelantan).

Total: 110

10 of them has died while in service, making a total 120 of posts left vacant.

Question: will the posts be filled with an intake of new staffers?

Source: Kakitangan USM Perlu Kental Hadapi Cabaran

Thursday, December 16, 2010

School of Communication USM - something to shout about

I just got this in my mail:
Salam Sejahtera,
Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa kumpulan penuntut projek tahun akhir 2009/2010, 'NEMGRADS USM-MALAKOFF Environmental Awareness Project 2010" di bawah penyeliaan Dr.Jamilah Haji Ahmad telah dipilih oleh The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) untuk dianugerahkan dengan ACU PR AWARDS 2010 bagi kategori "OUTREACH AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS". Majlis penganugerahan telah diadakan pada 24 November 2010 di Melbourne, Australia.
TAHNIAH kepada Dr.Jamilah dan kumpulan NEMGRADS yang meletakkan nama PPK di peringkat antarabangsa.
Sekian, Terima Kasih
Dr. Azman Azwan Azmawati
Deputy Dean  (Academic and Student Development)
School of Communication
Universiti Sains Malaysia
11800, Penang, Malaysia

Universities from around the Commonwealth win awards for PR excellence
Universities in Australia, Canada, India and South Africa were amongst the winners of the annual Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) PR, Marketing and Communications Awards, announced at a special Gala Dinner last night (25 November) in Melbourne, Australia.
The award winners – provided with a bursary by the ACU to attend the conference – each received a trophy in recognition of their achievement. The awards were presented by Peter Reader, Director of Marketing and Communications at the University of Portsmouth, UK, and Chair of the PR, Marketing and Communications Network steering committee. He emphasised the high quality of entries across all four categories, and praised the diversity of submissions – 81 entries were received from 43 universities in 15 countries.
The results of the 2010 ACU PR, Marketing and Communications Awards are:
Student publications
Winner: Athabasca University, Canada – Athabasca University Student Recruitment Publications
Honourable mentions: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa – Way2Go and Aspire
University of Leicester, UK – Postgraduate Prospectus
Corporate publications
Winner: Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India – Raintree – Notes from the Campus
Honourable mentions: Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada – 2010 President's Report
University of the Free State, South Africa – Dumela Newsletter
Winner: Murdoch University, Australia – Beyond the student prospectus: Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube:
Honourable mentions: Strathmore University, Kenya – Strathmore University website,
University of the West Indies at St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago – UWI Today,
Outreach and community relations
Winner: Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia – NEMGRADS USM-MALAKOFF Environmental Awareness Project 2010
Honourable mentions: Glasgow Caledonian University, UK – The Caledonian Club
North West Frontier Province University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan – UET Gemstone Development Centre (GDC)
Notes to editors:
1. The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) was established in 1913 and is the oldest inter-university network in the world, with over 500 members in six continents. Its
mission is to strengthen the higher education institutions within its membership through international co-operation and understanding. The ACU operates a series of professional networks for staff in key roles, undertakes research and policy analysis on key issues in international higher education, and has active programmes in libraries and information, research management, gender and university governance. Her Majesty the Queen, the Head of the Commonwealth, is Patron of the ACU. For further information, visit
2. The ACU PR, Marketing and Communications Network was launched in 2003 and currently has over 400 members across 300 institutions Commonwealth-wide. The network is open to communications professionals in all ACU member organisations. It brings together professionals in the field and provides a practical channel through which members can exchange experiences, share good practice and keep abreast of current thinking. The network is hosting its 3rd biennial conference in Melbourne, from 24-26 November 2010.
3. The ACU PR, Marketing and Communications Awards began in 2005, and aim to recognise, encourage and celebrate the achievements of universities and the professionals who work within them, and to draw attention to models of good practice for the higher education sector internationally. Entries are judged by an international panel of experts, and all entrants receive feedback on the strengths of their entry and recommendations for its enhancement.
4. For further information, please contact:
Natasha Lokhun
+44 (0)20 7380 6760

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Malaysian IPTA & IPTS website ranking according to Webometrics

If you think the and ranking of local IPTAs as published in this blog previously is superficial as it only gathers the number of hits (or popularity) of the websites, then this Webometrics ranking will give you a more balanced answer to whatever needs your curiosity might demand.

The Webometrics is an initiative of the Cybermetrics Lab, a research group belonging to the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), the largest public research body in Spain. It is also called the Ranking Web of World Universities.

Since 2004, the Ranking Web is published twice a year (January and July), covering more than 20,000 Higher Education Institutions worldwide. Its intention is to motivate both institutions and scholars to have a web presence that reflect accurately their activities.

For more clarification regarding the motivations of the Ranking or the methodology, please read the FAQ.

As stated in its website, the original aim of the Ranking is to promote Web publication.  

Therefore, if an institution's web performance is below the expected position (according to their academic excellence), university authorities should reconsider their web policy, promoting substantial increases of the volume and quality of their electronic publications.

Listed below is the 16 top ranking Malaysian IPTA and IPTS according to webometrics as gathered on 9 December 2010.

No 1. Universiti Sains Malaysia
No. 9 in South East Asia, No.58 in Asia and No.585 in world ranking

No.2. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
No. 13 in South East Asia, No.77 in Asia and No.758 in world ranking

No.3.  Universiti Putra Malaysia
No. 14 in South East Asia, No.81 in Asia and No.773 in world ranking

No.4.  University of Malaya
No. 18 in South East Asia, No.96 in Asia and No.850 in world ranking

No.5. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
No. 20 in South East Asia and No.913 in world ranking

No.6. Universiti Teknologi Mara
No.29 in South East Asia and No.1246 in world ranking 

No.7  International Islamic University Malaysia
No. 32 in South East Asia and No.1400 in world ranking

No. 8  Multimedia University
No. 33 in South East Asia and No.1403 in world ranking

No. 9 Universiti Utara Malaysia
No. 40 in South East Asia and No.1534 in world ranking

No.10 Universiti Malaysia Perlis
No. 44 in South East Asia and No.1629 in world ranking

No.11 Universiti Teknologi Petronas
No. 67 in South East Asia and No.2304 in world ranking

No.12 Universiti Tenaga Nasional
No. 72 in South East Asia and No.2361 in world ranking

No.13 University of Nottingham Malaysia
No. 80 in South East Asia and No.2643 in world ranking

No.14 Universiti Malaysia Sabah
No. 88 in South East Asia and No.2825 in world ranking

No.15 Universiti Malaysia Pahang
No. 89 in South East Asia and No.2840 in world ranking

No.16  Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
No. 94 in South East Asia and No.2983 in world ranking 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Malaysian IPTA website ranking according to Alexa and Bizinformation

Below are the details of the top Malaysian IPTAs website and their popularity ranking according to

Also included are details from and the internet valuation of the sites. 

Both data were collected on 1 December 2010.

Only 16 IPTA websites were listed for this survey, as the rest of the IPTA sites were far off the ranking from this top group (of 15). Even the last IPTA website, No.16 was ranked 13,746 in Alexa Malaysia's ranking.

For more details on how rates your website, go to its Website Information

And as for how rates the value of your website, not much info is given. The home page only says it is just an estimated value of your website.

Number of Pages 103,971
External Links 29,705
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 34,014
  • Traffic Rank in MY: 159
  • Sites Linking In: 416 valuation RM 1.27 Million
Daily Pageviews
49,663 *
Daily Visitors
10,728 *

Number of Pages 183,683
External Links 35,945
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 38,800
  • Traffic Rank in MY: 253
  • Sites Linking In: 461 Valuation RM 1.14 Million
Daily Pageviews
43,362 *
Daily Visitors
9,610 *

Number of Pages 113,197
External Links 39,975
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 37,171
  • Traffic Rank in MY: 276
  • Sites Linking In: 569 valuation RM 1.26 Million
Daily Pageviews
56,715 *
Daily Visitors
10,599 *

Number of Pages 92,939
External Links 40,625
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 46,405
  • Traffic Rank in MY: 289
  • Sites Linking In: 582 valuation RM 1.11 Million
Daily Pageviews
47,563 *
Daily Visitors
9,331 *

Number of Pages
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 42,892
  • Traffic Rank in MY: 300
  • Sites Linking In: 487 valuation RM 2,234.72

Number of Pages 136,014
External Links 46,865
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 53,582
  • Traffic Rank in MY: 465
  • Sites Linking In: 716 valuation RM 886,250.32
Daily Pageviews
24,156 *
Daily Visitors
7,439 *


  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 110,539
  • Traffic Rank in MY: 641
  • Sites Linking In: 358 Valuation RM 2,054.16

    External Links
    • Alexa Traffic Rank: 165,512
    • Traffic Rank in MY: 929
    • Sites Linking In: 237 valuation RM 263,581.57
    Daily Pageviews
    11,103 *
    Daily Visitors
    2,193 *

    • Alexa Traffic Rank: 98,984
    • Traffic Rank in MY: 1,047
    • Sites Linking In: 90 Valuation RM 2,073.09

    Number of Pages
    External Links
    • Alexa Traffic Rank: 200,891
    • Traffic Rank in MY: 1,333
    • Sites Linking In: 166 Valuation RM 143,612.4
    Daily Pageviews
    3,751 *
    Daily Visitors
    1,182 *

    External Links
    • Alexa Traffic Rank: 189,397
    • Traffic Rank in MY: 1,356
    • Sites Linking In: 371 valuation RM 217,321.53
    Daily Pageviews
    7,352 *
    Daily Visitors
    1,806 *

    External Links
    • Alexa Traffic Rank: 390,169
    • Traffic Rank in MY: 3,822
    • Sites Linking In: 375 valuation RM 123,276.21
    Daily Pageviews
    3,601 *
    Daily Visitors
    1,010 *

    Number of Pages
    External Links
    • Alexa Traffic Rank: 282,509
    • Traffic Rank in MY: 3,940
    • Sites Linking In: 151 valuation RM 164,044.39
    Daily Pageviews
    3,751 *
    Daily Visitors
    1,354 *

    Number of Pages
    External Links
    • Alexa Traffic Rank: 357,150
    • Traffic Rank in MY: 5,789
    • Sites Linking In: 121 valuation RM 110,319.02
    Daily Pageviews
    2,701 *
    Daily Visitors
    903 *

    Number of Pages
    External Links
    • Alexa Traffic Rank: 818,258
    • Traffic Rank in MY: 6,693
    • Sites Linking In: 120 valuation RM 123,283.7
    Daily Pageviews
    5,852 *
    Daily Visitors
    1,010 *

    Number of Pages
    External Links
    • Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,548,326
    • Traffic Rank in MY: 13,746
    • Sites Linking In: 105 valuation RM 33,846.02
    Daily Pageviews
    600 *
    Daily Visitors
    258 *