Monday, September 14, 2009

Berita Kampus Jilid 40, Bil 4

Berita Kampus Bil 4 mula diedar hari ini. Staf USM sila dapatkan dari PTJ masing-masing (yang langgan). Kalau ada yang tak dapat boleh hubungi saya 04-6535070 (mulai jam 11.00 pagi). Sekarang saya urus edar langganan sekitar kampus. Komen, cadangan, kritik dan sebagainya adalah dibuka.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Linking the Dots; Beating the Odds

This is my new blog - Linking the Dots; Beating the Odds. The content will display my own opinions and inner thoughts - based on my observations and experiences with the media (well, I'll be inviting some contributors soon). But at the moment this new blog will try to gather as many readers as possible.

Sapiently, the subtitle reads Credible, Non-Credible and the Incredible (or incredulous if you prefer) and this refers to news and information, of course. You can read the context of the subtitle on the side bar of the blog.

This current blog - usmcampusnews - will remain as it is, reporting on the dates of publication of Berita Kampus and anticipating responses from its readers (which is a bit slow at the moment, no doubt).

Nonetheless, we sincerely hope with the existence and maintenance of this main blog, readers will have a platform to give their piece of mind on the publication of BK. We will not moderate any comments, complaints, criticisms or suggestions.

Till then, ciao...